Samsung Galaxy S21 Pricing Details

Samsung will announce new premium flagship phones next month. It will be a few weeks from today as the launch date is said to be January 14. That is a month earlier than the usual February reveal. The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra have been mentioned here several times and we believe more details will be shared until D-Day. We’ve shared with you all that we know so far including the design, specs, features, and color options. We just learned the pricing details of the phones in Europe although we believe they’re not final yet.

Samsung is believed to be making changes in its business strategy. We don’t have all the details but we’re assuming the prices will be adjusted. The South Korean tech giant needs to be wiser this time if it wants to keep its number one ranking. It still is but in the second quarter, Huawei has overtaken Samsung in the global phone market.

Pricing details have been shared by our source. The company is introducing adjustments like two times the storage with only a 50 euro difference from the lower model. To start, the regular Samsung Galaxy S21 5G will be available for 849 euros in Europe. That’s already 5G-ready. It’s not clear if a more affordable non-5G/4G LTE version will be available.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Pricing Details

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G will offer 128GB of onboard storage. It will be less inexpensive but it will only come with a plastic back (still unconfirmed), not glass like its predecessor. For an additional 50 euros, you can already but the 256GB Galaxy S21 5G. That’s a major leap and may be attractive to the fans because a microSD card slot may not be present.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G will start at 1049 euros. Add another 50 euros ( 1,099 euros), the memory is upgraded to 256GB. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will cost 1349 euros. The 1399 euro price tag is for the 256GB unit. Samsung will also sell a 512GB Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for a higher price—1529 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Cost in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB – 849 Euro ($1,035)
• Samsung Galaxy S21 256GB – 899 Euro ($1,096)
• Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 128GB – 1049 Euro ($1,279
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 256GB – 1099 Euro ($1,339)
• Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB – 1349 Euro ($1,644)
• Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 256GB – 1399 Euro ($1,705)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB – 1529 Euro ($1,863)

The prices may be different in other European countries and other key markets but around the same price points. We’re anticipating local carriers and local branches of Samsung will release more hints and teasers over the holidays.


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