Samsung Galaxy S20 Green White Tint Flickering Problems

The Samsung Galaxy S20 can’t be considered old and obsolete yet but apparently, some units are showing display issues. There have been reports of flickering lines on the screen. They often show when playing games. Samsung has been asked about the problem and the instruction given wast to soft reset the smartphone. It should fix the issue but one Galaxy S20 phone owner said that the display turned white and green. The device would also overheat especially when turned on for a while.

The screen problems are evident after just a year especially after the warranty was up. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about such issues. Back in May, there was a reddit thread about the same problem but on the Galaxy S20+.

The green or white tint on the screen may still be forgivable at some point. What we’re not happy to hear about are instances of phone’s suddenly dying. Apparently, it’s a common problem on the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+.

Last year, we shared that Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 phones were struck with fast wireless charging issue. The Galaxy S20 FE also had some touchscreen issues. Almost a year ago too, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Tab S7 experienced the green tint problem. The Galaxy S20 was also once reported to have a focusing issue.

It’s normal for most phones, even flagship devices, to show some problems. But then the Galaxy S20 Ultra is really premium. The display problems could have been avoided or fixed right away. Samsung has yet to officially acknowledge the problem and release a fix. Let’s wait and see.