Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note series phones are the most premium smartphones money can buy, however, the flagship device(s) have had their share of controversies since launch. The issues were fixed in succeeding updates, and just as everything was going smoothly, another problem is bugging some users. In the last couple of months, some users have reported a peculiar issue with the wireless charging on these phones, probably, after the last update.

Even though earlier there were similar complaints, but they were identified as user error or charger defects. This time around the problem has to do with the software bit, and there is no knowhow as to what exactly the issue is, or its solution. Users have been constantly reporting the problem after the September or October security patch – wherein, during wireless charging the phone(s) show ‘charging’ and charging ‘paused’ cycle again and again.

When the user plugs-in the Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra or in some cases Note20/Note20 Ultra phone – it starts fast charging fine and then after a few seconds it stops for a second and then shows normal charging. The users have tested the wireless Qi chargers with other compatible phones, and they all work fine. This points to a software issue that is very irritating as the phone screen keeps turning on and off and the skip in fast charge cycle also elongates the charging time.

Samsung has not explicitly addressed this issue other than the – not so useful general troubleshooting steps. However, they have commented in the thread that another software update fixed the problem on Note20 Ultra. It is expected that with so many user complaints Samsung will fix it with the November patch, soon. Till then the Galaxy S20 and Note20 series owners will have to live with the irk.