Samsung might be busy preparing a showcase to wow visitors at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but don’t count out its current flagship just yet. The Samsung Galaxy S 4, as well as the more recent Galaxy Note 3, might be getting a major Android 4.4 update by the end of January next year, according to French carrier SFR.

The Galaxy S 4 is currently in a rather curious situation. It is Samsung’s nominal flagship and yet, hardware-wise, it is overtaken by the Galaxy Note 3. More than that, the device itself is currently split into various versions, with more powerful models sporting an updated processor and LTE-Advanced support have popped up in Europe. At the same time, being the flagship, it is expected that Samsung will prioritize updates to the smartphone.

That said, the Galaxy S 4 isn’t that far behind. It just recently received its Android 4.3 update promised by Samsung. The Google Play Edition of the device has actually received Android 4.4.2. It is, of course, great news that Samsung will be endowing it, together with the Galaxy Note 3, with Android 4.4 as well. But given some of the problems that other smartphones have bumped into with the Android 4.4 upgrade, or even the Android 4.3 rollout, we remain cautiously optimistic.

There is also the possibility that SFR’s information might not exactly match reality or that future events might cause that schedule to be changed or even scrapped. While the carrier was almost spot on with the Android 4.3 rollout to year-old smartphones, it missed the mark with the LG G2, which might be only be getting Android 4.4 next year instead of the leaked December release.

VIA: SamMobile