As we keep on the lookout for the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat reveal next month, we’re still keeping an eye on Android 4.3, which seems to be slowly but surely rolling out to devices. Now we’re receiving confirmation that next in line to get the updates will not only be Samsung’s current Galaxy S 4 flagship but even last year’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II models as well.

It’s probably not that easy to get excited about Android 4.3, as it is practically an incremental upgrade to the Jelly Bean line, aside probably from the introduction of new security features such as SELinux and restricted profiles. However, it is always a good thing when the latest generation of devices get updated to the latest Android version. Even better when year-old devices are also thrown into the mix.

Fench carrier SFR has just released a timetable that details when various smartphones will be receiving which updates. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is schedule to receive Android 4.3 in October. And, as earlier reported, the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II will also be receiving the update sometime around late November or possibly extending even to December. All Samsung updates will be delivered via KIES or OTA.


Also included in the schedule is the HTC One, which is scheduled to be updated to Android 4.3 in October as well. Unlike the Samsung smartphones, however, the HTC update will only be available over the air.



  1. I think everyone is missing the fact that 4.3 resolves all the issues with Bluetooth LE or 4.0. Without 4.3 devices will not be able to use BT LE. This is actually a really big update for devices that utilize bluetooth. This is why the GN3 is the only Samsung device that can pair with the Galaxy Gear. THey need 4.3 so that GG can pair with the GSIII, GSIV, and GN2.

  2. I have a Galaxy SII – GT-19100 I noticed that emails I have sent on my mobile since July have been sitting in the OUT BOX and not leaving the phone. I have run the ACCOUNTS & SYNC but nothing changes. Please tell me what to do to clear these emails and ensure future ones actually get sent. Thank you

  3. I just update GMAIL at play store for my Galaxy Note II, and I found the phone got problem. It is always restart it. How can it be, and how I can solve this problem…Please give me some advice


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