The Samsung Galaxy Note series has always been known for the stylus that comes with it. The smartphone is an ordinary mobile device but because extra-ordinary with the addition of an S Pen that is proprietary to Samsung. Making the Note more popular is its productivity features and massive screen size. The stylus helps users conduct their businesses or even express their creativity. The S Pen feature isn’t regularly updated because how else can you improve the accessory that is used for “touching” the screen with more precision.

There are some minor improvements including adding S-Pen integration and capabilities. There’s also now the ejectable S-Pen. A brand new one was released in 2015 and we were reminded not to put the S-Pen wrong as it will damage the Galaxy Note 5. More functions were added and by the time the Note 7 was out, the S-Pen was still considered as the star of the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 8 S Pen is now water-resistant. For the Galaxy Note 9, it may not be needed as much because Samsung is believed to have just applied for a patent for the operation of a touchscreen display with both finger and the S Pen.

The Galaxy Note 9 will have a new S Pen functionality. According to a document, the phone shows a user interface with a quick menu that lets phone owners configure if you want to operate with your finger or S Pen or both. The new S Pen is shown in two variants—one used with the Note 8 and another one with an Eraser.

Finger operations can vary from a simple touch, tap, multi-touch, double tap, drag, long tap, push, flick, pinch-in or out, or a scroll. Finger patterns can also be done .

We can’t tell the specs of the display but it could be AMOLED or LCD. We don’t think anything will be confirmed soon related to the Note 9. It really is too early to tell. The Galaxy S9 isn’t even announced so it may take a while.

VIA: LetsGoDigital