There have been endless discussions, heated debates and finger pointing regarding the supposed “design flaw” of the Galaxy Note 5 that obviously damages your device when you put in your S Pen backwards. But whether Samsung should have designed it better or people should be smarter when using their devices, some may be curious about what does happen when you put it in wrong and why it will sometimes irreparably damage your phablet. 9 to 5 Google gave a great explanation as to the process and what you can do (if anything).

Inside the S Pen slot, there is a small plastic lever that is triggered when the pen is inserted and it then tells the device that there is a pen and so it turns on some features like Screen-off memo and Air Command menu. Above that, there is another lever that helps hold the pen and its “click side” in place. Sticking the pen in backwards will cause it to get caught behind that second lever. That will make the actual removing extremely difficult, and at times, as we’ve seen some complaints, almost impossible.

But even if by some miracle you were able to remove the S Pen, that doesn’t mean your problems are over, because there’s that other lever. When the “clicky side” of the pen passes it over, then the damage has been done. And then forcing the S Pen out will damage it even further, as it is made of plastic and it is inside something soldered to the main board. And if it is damaged, then you might as well get a new phone since this one will not be able to detect the S Pen anymore.

While we don’t discount the possibility of a child using your phone and putting it in the wrong way, or something happens that you accidentally do so, those incidents are few and far between. Maybe Samsung should have done something better, we don’t know. All you can do for now if you have a Galaxy Note 5 is to be very careful and conscious about how you use your S Pen.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google