It’s not just mobile carriers temporarily stopping Galaxy Note 7 replacements. The South Korean tech company suspended production of the smartphone. This is according to Yonhap News Agency who shared the information from an anonymous source. The move is somehow expected since more reports of explosions are being reported and numerous complaints are being received.

So it’s not just sales and distribution being halted but rather the whole Note 7 production. There’s no official word from Samsung yet but we’re expecting a statement will be posted soon. The company has been honest so far but they really need to do something about this. Incidents of Note 7 phones catching fire are being reported not just from one country so it’s important that Samsung looks into this.

Even those replaced and new phone with supposedly “safe” batteries should not be charged anywhere, inside planes, or be used at all.

Will a second recall happen? Looks like it because production was already halted. The first recall happened after sales were discontinued in key markets where the Note 7 was available. This means those regions yet to resume sales may no longer go through with the plan not only in its home country but also in other regions.