A recent International Data Corporation (IDC) report showed Q3 2013 to be a record breaking quarter in terms of smartphone shipments. In fact, the year-over-year showed a 38.8 percent growth. And as we have been seeing with these reports, Samsung has been topping the charts. This latest report even credited the recently Galaxy Note 3 launch as helping Samsung.

While the IDC didn’t offer specifics in terms of Galaxy Note 3 shipment numbers, it looks like we are getting a number from Samsung. Coming out of the Korean language Naver, JK Shin has said Samsung has shipped more than 5 million of the Galaxy Note 3 since launch. And just to clarify that number, that comes in the first month of availability.

To give some perspective here, we can look back to the Galaxy Note 2. That device crossed the 3 million milestone during the first month and then reached 5 million towards the end of the second month. Coming back to this most recent IDC report. This one had LG sitting in number 5.

According to the market share percentages, that had Samsung with 31.4 percent and LG with 4.6 percent. To further this thought, while Samsung has already shipped more than 5 million of the Galaxy Note 3, LG has previously announced they hoped to ship 10 million of the LG G2 globally, but gave no indication of time.

Getting back to the Galaxy Note 3. This handset was announced back in back in early-September along with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. While the Note 3 has seen some solid reviews, the same cannot be said for the smartwatch. We have had plenty of coverage for both items in their respective hubs, and we have also had review coverage for both the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear.

VIA: G for Games