Turns out, people really seem to like the Samsung Galaxy Note II. In fact, it just surpassed 5,000,000 in sales worldwide. Two million of those sales have come in under a month. Samsung only just announced that the device has passed three million, and in a matter of weeks, it’s added another two million units.

Some critics argued that a device as big as the Galaxy Note II would not be successful, but Samsung is shutting down the critics. Of course, the sales are not exactly at the level of the Galaxy S III, but for a niche device, it is certainly doing well. Only time will tell if Samsung can keep this momentum up, but it definitely shows that there is a market for larger smartphones.

One thing to keep in mind regarding these sales numbers, is that Samsung is probably referring to its sales to suppliers and distributors, so it does not necessarily mean that five million Note IIs are in the hands of consumers. It still gives us a good idea of how much demand there is for the device.

A Samsung spokesperson said, “(Samsung) will do our best to continue to introduce continuous product innovation” when asked about the sales. Samsung is never content to sit back and enjoy its victories, as they are already rumored to be bringing an update flagship to market, which is anecdotally called the Galaxy S 4. Rumors have it that the S 4 will hit in February next year with an updated quadcore processor and 13-megapixel camera.