It seems that the list of compatible smartphones for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is growing. Now joining the elite few are last year’s smarpthone models, the previous Galaxy S III flagship and the Galaxy Note II S Pen phablet.

When Samsung unveiled the much talked about Galaxy Gear, it was supposedly only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 phablet that was announced on the same day. Naturally, this did not sit well even with Samsung fans, especially those who have just recently invested in the company’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S 4, just a few months ago. Needless to say, Samsung seems to have backtracked and is rumored to have added support for the Galaxy S 4 as well.

That, however, might not be enough, especially for a wearable device that, even in Samsung’s own words, lacks something special. If Samsung wants the smartwatch to be successful as it is right now, it would need to be usable with other slightly older smartphones. And it seems that the manufacturer has seen that light and will soon be adding full support for the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II just before the year ends.

This brings the total of supported smartphones to four, but it will likely not be enough. Hopefully, the Galaxy Gear 2, which is rumored to already be in development, will support more Android smartphones in order to make the smartwatch a respectable Android device in its own right.



  1. Hope my Galaxy S2 will get the benefits to use the Samsung Gear soon “best phone ever”. Hate to think of the idea of having to switch to a “rival” Company now that I’ve become such a big fan of the Samsung brand, ” own the tv,mobile,tablet and hopefully the watch”.

    Best regards

  2. so this is just re-iterating what they’ve already said about the 4.3 rollout, they need the bluetooth updates in 4.3 to make this syncing possible.

    What would be cooler is if they just opened this to all devices (regardless of maker) running 4.3

  3. First off, Samsung said to begin with that the s4 and the note 2 would be included. Second, the price is $300. You can find the info on bestbuys website. And finally, this is a huge leap forward for mobile tech and what we can do with our devices.


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