The Galaxy Gear has yet to arrive in the hands of the public and if this one unnamed Samsung executive continues talking, potential buyers may begin looking elsewhere for their smartwatch needs. The details are coming by way of the Korea Times where that executive admitted that the Galaxy Gear currently “lacks something special.” This of course, comes despite other executives talking about how the watch has been “receiving warm response.”

Anyway, that unnamed executive then went on to talk about how “with more investment for user interface and user experience, Samsung devices will be better in terms of customer satisfaction.” For this is looks like Samsung has plans to hire some UI and UX experts in an effort to bring up the overall level of satisfaction.

Samsung has yet to announce any sort of sales goals for the smartwatch, however Lee Young-hee executive vice-president for marketing has said the Galaxy Gear is a “wow product” and one that is “wholly new” and a “must-have accessory.” As you may have guessed, Young-hee was also the same person that said it had been getting a warm response.

Young-hee also touched on those earlier rumors about how Samsung was already wrong on a second generation Galaxy Gear. As one may have expected, he denied the rumor. Otherwise, while there appears to be some mixed comments coming from Samsung in terms of the Galaxy Gear, there does appear to be some good news for those who are hoping to use it with something aside from the Galaxy Note 3.

Further details coming from this Korea Times report talk about the watch getting support for the Galaxy S 4 in October and for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2 by the end of December. With that in mind, we also have some initial hands-on coverage from earlier in the month when Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear as well as the 2014 Edition Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

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