We thought Samsung would be unveiling the Galaxy foldable phone sometime in January and ahead of the Galaxy S10 but we recently noted the South Korean tech giant will release the device in March next year. The foldable phone will be revealed alongside the Galaxy S10’s 5G variant while the other S10 models will be introduced in February, probably at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) in Barcelona, Spain. The company showed off the Infinity Flex Display last week at the Samsung Developer Conference and we’ve got a glimpse of the foldable phone.

The design isn’t final yet and we’re no longer sure if it will be called the Galaxy X or the Galaxy F phone but we now have an idea of how it will work. Popular YouTuber, Concept Creator, the same guy who did the videos for the concept Nokia 3310 and Google Pixel 2 last year made this new render:

Watch the concept video below:

Now that’s one cool video. We know it’s only a concept but it looks real and believable.

The Galaxy foldable phone shown off during the SDC 2018 appeared to be boxy in shape. This new one has smoother edges but with some sort of rubber that flexes.

The Samsung foldable-flexible device in the video seems sturdy enough. When unfolded (opened), the display looks q bit square but the “fold” in the middle isn’t obvious.

Samsung Galaxy F Foldable Phone:


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