So Samsung’s countdown turned out to be a reveal for yet more cryptic information on what’s almost certainly the Galaxy S III, set to be debuted in London on May 3rd. Along with the basically useless website, they’ve also posted a new teaser video. But don’t get your hopes up – it’s just more marketing speak, pretty but superfluous graphics and a humorous twist at the end.

We can gather that the rumors of a 4.6 or 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display are probably close to hame at this point, thanks to copy like “your view of the world grows even wider” (oh, and that leaked video from last week). Other vague praise implies that a lot of work has gone into the ergonomics of the phone. Samsung also took another not-so subtle stab at Apple in a spiritual continuation of their recent Galaxy Note campaign.!

Naturally there’s no hard info to be had anywhere, and we’re likely to receive the same teasing, aloof treatment from Samsung all the way up to the Unpacked event. It’s a good thing then that photos and videos of pre-production models are finally starting to leak out. Be sure to keep an eye on Android Community next week, as we report live from Samsung’s press event.


  1. Hmmmm …sheeps at the end. Something about the coming Galaxy being a standout device…a contrast to those iSheeprs who blindly follow the iDevice even if it is a recycled old model. Well lets wait and see…i see a looming store shelve battle (not the courtroom type favored by some)  between the GS3 and iPhone 5. 

  2. Samsung sheep, sounds about right. Samsung fans drool over the next version of the phone when it’s only a little bit better than the last.


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