There’s more than meets the eye to be seen tonight before the big drop of “The Next Galaxy” from Samsung. As you may have heard, Samsung let loose a teaser for a teaser website at “” tonight, it having a countdown meter which will be up inside 8 hours from when the post you’re reading now was posted. Will it be a Galaxy S III, a Galaxy Tab, or something brand new? Nothing else really shows itself here on this teaser page on the surface, but under the lovely layers of the site’s source directories, we’ve found a few more telling clues.

Though you’re not going to get any specs for the phone (or the tablet) from what you’re about to see (above and below), it is going to get you one step closer to the truth. After a few clicks under the hood and a couple of choice re-typings of directory URLs, the following has come to us via an intrepid tipster. Inside the now-closed /assets/ page of /success, the set of images you see above can be found. What they lead us to understand is this: you’ll have to know how to spell in order to get to the next clue.

You’ll see the letters t g e l t a a y e h x n x set out in front of you tomorrow morning at the site and it’ll be your challenge to tap them “in order.” Of course this means you’ll have to click them like so: t h e n e x t g a l a x y, at which point you’ll see the blue button (also above.) This button will then link you to the site that’ll have the next big reveal: Of course this site is currently password protected with the finest of web-based protection pop-ups, so we’re still stuck until tomorrow.

At least you’ll have the right URL instead of clicking and tapping though – see you then!

Also here’s a bonus – the background galaxy image from the countdown page incase you want to use it for a wallpaper – click the gallery image and right-click save-as!