We’re pretty stoked about the Samsung Galaxy Note finally making its way stateside – but not nearly as excited as Samsung themselves. Today the Samsung Mobile US Twitter account teased an upcoming Super Bowl ad, and their wording leaves little doubt that it’s promoting the 5.3-inch smartphone bound for AT&T later in February. Samsung claimed that the ad will be “one of the longest in the game”, which points to at least a 60-second spot and maybe even a 90-second one. Considering that a single 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl runs about 3-4 million dollars, Samsung is poised to spend a heck of a lot of money for a single promotion. They’ve even hired the producer of Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary to oversee the project.

Of course, big-budget Super Bowl ads are nothing new. Apple’s been running the pricey spots for years, and given their recent influx of cash (the better to pay their lawyers, my dearie) you can bet they’ll be representing. Google made a big push last year during Super Bowl 45, using the airtime to put a more human face on its search service. But since Samsung and Apple are running neck-and-neck as the largest smartphone producers in the world, their ads will shape perception for the spring and summer, at least among US viewers.

On that note, Samsung has already been fighting Apple hard with its collection of iPhone-bashing ads over the last couple of months. The “Next Big Thing” series makes light of Apple’s most devoted fans and their Starbucks-slurping ways, not to mention Apple’s penchant for barely passable hardware updates. Up to now, the commercials have all focused on the Galaxy S II. We might see one or two of these ads during the game as well. That being the case, Samsung better hope that the Galaxy Note is a smash hit – it’s got a lot riding on it.

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