The Samsung Chromebook Pro which was launched at the CES 2017 together with the Chromebook Plus has been delayed a bit. We’re not sure why but we’re guessing it must be related to Android apps being not yet ready for Chrome OS. We know it’s getting the Nougat update soon as its sibling the Chromebook Plus already received the said update on the Canary channel.

Google has been busy with updating the list of Chrome OS systems receiving Android apps and it’s safe to assume the Chromebook Pro is included because it is new. And more good news, the device is now listed on Amazon. It is up for pre-order with shipping to begin on May 28.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is lightweight and slim with a QHD touch screen display, 3:2 aspect ratio, Intel processor, multi-tasking and multi-window features, plus the new Google Play store support so you can run different Android apps. Just like the Chromebook Plus, this one offers “flexibility and versatility of a tablet” and the “power and productivity of a laptop”.

Price tag reads $549.99 with free shipping. It’s already worth the price because the Chromebook works as a tablet and notebook computer in one. It also comes with a built-in pen (stylus) so you can draw and write with more efficiency.

To review, the Samsung Chromebook Pro comes with the following: 12.3-inch screen, Gorilla Glass 3, Quad HD 2400 x 1600 pixel resolution, full-size keyboard and trackpad, 2.2GHz Intel processor, and a 32GB flash memory.

SOURCE: Amazon