We’re so much focused on Nougat updates for the smartphones that we’ve forgotten if other Android devices like tablets and some Chromebooks will also receive such. After dozens of Android 7.0 upgrades, now we’re learning that at least one Chromebook with Google Play Support will soon be ready for the chewy update. The Samsung Chromebook Plus which was introduced only last February with a rotating screen and stylus pen has been discovered to be ready for an update on the Canary channel.

This tells us the Nougat will roll out soon for the Samsung Chromebook Plus and probably other Chromebooks and other Android phones as well. One redditor (InauspiciousPagan) shared this good news when he received a notification on his Chromebook saying a critical update is available. This is specifically for the Android component on the Chrome OS powered notebook that enables Android apps to run which means only those that support Google Play Store may receive the said update.

We can’t say what new features or improvements will be added to the Samsung Chromebook Plus but we’re assuming they will be the same as with the Android phones like enhanced notifications, new emojis, multi-tasking, native split-screen support, quick switch settings, longer battery life, and the Google Assistant.

If you own a Samsung Chromebook Plus, you may soon receive an alert that an update is ready for download and installation.

VIA: Reddit