Samsung Travel Charger Fast Charge

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is highly anticipated for many reasons. A lot has been said about the premium flagship phablet as early as November when we first mentioned the device would have a bigger and better screen. It’s expected to arrive with a new S Pen camera as a patent was granted already. Samsung may implement a quad-camera system and a keyless design. The device may also be out in multiple models including a 5G variant. When it comes to power, one of our early mentions also noted the Note 10 Pro would have a fast-charging 4500mAh battery.

The said idea was then replaced with a report of a 50W super-fast charging. Earlier, a Galaxy Note 10e was also sighted with a small battery. The Note 10 is said to come with a 45W fast-charging battery with wireless charging reaching 20W.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still being finalized. We may not hear any confirmation from the South Korean tech giant yet but we already know a 45W fast charger is arriving. It’s expected to cost some €50 ($56) from Samsung and may be able to support the Note 10 and the Note 10+.

Samsung EP-TA845 telephone charger as described supports 45-Watt fast charging. It won’t come with the Note 10 series out of the box but you can buy it separately. Choose from either white (EP-TA845XWEGWW) or black (EP-TA845XBEGWW).

The charger is now available in key markets like in Belgium or Italy. The charging capacity of 45 watts means juicing up will be really fast. It’s not exclusive for the unannounced Galaxy Note 10 but you can use if for the premium phone.

The Note 10 will only come with the EP-TA800 charger–same as with Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 at only 25 Watts. It will be announced officially on August 7 at the Samsung Unpacked event with a starting price of €999 ($1,123) later in the same month for the basic 256GB model.


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