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Seems like there is a sudden interest in getting fit and healthy these days. What with all the wearables, accessories, and apps being created with the aim of encouraging people to move, run, walk, and simply work out.

One of the most popular apps today is the RunKeeper which is being regularly updated by its developer, FitnessKeeper. The last update was back in June when support for Korean and Chinese languages was added. Earlier this year, an update was also released to increase focus on training plans and before that, more interactive friends tab was added.

This time, the fitness app will be more useful than ever as it’s been updated with Google Fit integration. This means you can now connect your RunKeeper account with Google Fit. The latter is the Internet giant’s very own platform that allows users to control their fitness data. This particular feature allows more developers to create smarter health and fitness-related apps. With RunKeeper, you can measure a lot of data: workout distance, pace, weight loss, and training goals.

The RunKeeper was considered as the Best Running App by LifeHacker in 2012 and the app still continues to impress and help more people achieve health goals and improve fitness. It’s simply a companion app that lets you know how much progress you’ve been making so you’ll be more inspired. It works with the GPS in any Android phone so it can track your location, your workout activities including calories burned, elevation, route distance, cycling speed, and running pace.

Another similar app also getting Google Fit integration is Runtastic. Earlier this year, the app received a new design, new features, and training plans. The latest update now allows the user to sync health and fitness activities to Google Fit and be able to view more advanced statistics. As with most fitness apps, Runtastic uses GPS to track sports activities from jogging to running, walking, and biking. It can track cardio workout progress as well includes calories burned, distance, elevation change, and duration as well. Update includes a better app navigation and design plus some new functionality and optimized features.

Both apps, the Runkeeper and Runtastic, make users a part of a global fitness community of people who want to train, build endurance, and improve overall health. With Google Fit integration, users of these two apps can expect to meet their health and fitness goals easier and quicker with the data that can be viewed and accessed.

Download Runkeeper and Runtastic from the Google Play Store



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