Real pro photographers know what RED does. As a manufacturer of high-end cameras, this company delivers when you want the best in imaging. It recently introduced a new smartphone that boasts of being a holographic media machine. Officially called as the RED Hydrogen One, this is a first in the world to bring a holographic multi-view sans the glasses. As it should, the smartphone can record premium quality videos and images.

The RED Hydrogen One runs Android and will feature a large 5.7-inch screen, microSD card slot for storage expansion, and USB-C port for charging. The display isn’t a regular screen as it can effectively and seamlessly switch between 2D content, 3D, and holographic multi-view. Switching to interactive games isn’t a problem either, thanks to nanotechnology.

The Hydrogen One is being offered as an unlocked phone. Audio is also impressive with the multi-dimension audio technology that complements the holographic H4V. What’s also good about this phone is that it makes use of a modular component system so you can quickly attach and use add-ons in the future.

RED Hydrogen One can be integrated with other RED professional cameras like the EPIC, Scarlet, and Weapon. The phone can work as the monitor and user interface.

Price starts at $1,195 for the Aluminum version while the Titanium model costs $1,595. You can pre-order for a unit now but shipping won’t be until the first quarter of 2018.