Some AR game enthusiasts may be taking a break from Pokemon GO because of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite. We haven’t focused much on the game but that may wait for a while because the Pokemon GO team has something new in store. A major update is about to be released. Team Rocket brings the major upgrade that will have Pokemon GO players enjoying the Midwest Region. Don’t be surprised if you see some characters you don’t know or are mysterious. You will see most of them at PokeStops so watch out for ‘Grunts’. There is a variety of them from Team Rocket.

Gems will be available as more battles will be opened at different PokeStopes. You will also encounter different iterations like Electric, Fighting Fire, Water, Steel, Psychic, Rock, Poison, Grass, Ice, and Ghost. Battle with the Grunts on every Team Rocket event. It’s just like encounters with Pokemon trainers so you have nothing major to worry about.

A Grunt Pokemon must be caught. It can be stronger through what they call purification so make sure it doesn’t reach that. It’s a different Pokemon–not like the others so you will have to prepare for its appearance. The Team Rocket special event will start very soon. There is no rollout date provided but feel free to check the timeline.

The Pokemon GO has come a long way since the first time we heard about it. Starting the game was easier with Pikachu back in 2016. Millions of people quickly downloaded the game, bringing the best of augmented reality. The game rolled out in key markets initially and has soon become the biggest mobile game in US history. We’ve been taught how to defeat any gym battle and has seen many changes unfold.

Bug fixes and updates were released. Updates include earning a catch bonus, block on driving and moving too fast, scarier monsters, hundreds of new characters, and Gen 2 APK among others. Expect the Pokemon GO to be improved further since its 3rd Anniversary is coming up.