In just a span of a few days, Nintendo and Niantic’s augmented reality game Pokemon GO has become the biggest game in US history, if you measure its daily active users (DAU). This has resulted in a positive bump in Nintendo’s share value, with tech pundits already proclaiming the new app as a game changer. But really, it’s the sheer number of users that made this possible.

On the day that Pokemon GO was released in the US, it shot straight to the top of app store rankings. Within 24 hours, Pokemon GO had already beaten Supercell’s heavily promoted Clash Royale to become the current top dog of games in 2016, as measured by daily active users. As of yesterday, it has surpassed the 20 million peak DAU of smash hit Candy Crush, making Pokemon GO just about the biggest game in US mobile gaming history.


And along the way, it beat some unlikely records as well. Within three days of release, Pokemon GO left Twitter in the dust, attracting more users than the famed microblogging site we all love and use. The revenue for its publisher, Niantic, is off the charts – it earns millions of dollars daily.


Things have been going so well that even other companies and brands want to get in on the action. Sponsorship deals are afoot, and there will be locations tie-ins soon. Pokemon trainers can now have different and targeted experiences when they enter stores who are partners with Niantic. And this is just the beginning folks.

VIA: SurveyMonkey


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