Have you caught them all? That question has been asked of you a dozen times ever since you downloaded and started playing Pokemon Go. The game which has been under our radar since September 2015 is currently taking the world by storm. Don’t focus on the accidents and crazy incidents but this augmented reality has definitely caught the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike.

Niantic and Nintendo are probably celebrating right now because since the last update and its commercial release, Pokemon GO has received some new features especially on the version running on a Nexus 6/6P. The devs added Android Nougat to the structure and made it run more smoothly with devices powered by Intel X86 processors.

Others may not even care about the updates but if you’re a hardcore Pokemon fan or a real gamer, you will appreciate the additional rural PokeStops that have been appearing especially in the US. Our friends over at SlashGear reported that a few gamers and readers sighted new stops.

This project is still ongoing and we’re expecting to experience a few kinks as augmented reality progresses. We have no idea how many mobile device owners downloaded the Pokemon GO but rumor has it that it will soon surpass the daily active users on Twitter.

Take a break from Pokemon GO and update the game on your mobile device. You’ll notice that log-ins are quieter and are even lesser. If you’re part of the Pokemon Trainer Club, you’ll be happy to know that repeated log-ins have been removed as necessary.

VIA: SlashGear