Some good news for those awaiting delivery of an OUYA game console — games will be ready and available when your shipment arrives later in the month. While this is good news for the end user, it also means that there is some work to be done by the developers. Basically, the OUYA team has officially put out the call and they are looking for developers to begin submitting games.

For real this time. If you are a developer and had been thinking that was already done, that was just for the trial run. As of today any games submitted (and approved) will be ready and available in the store for when the consoles begin shipping on March 28. Developers will need to submit their games for approval using the developer portal found at Once submitted the team at OUYA will review the game and then email the developer when approval has been granted.

Developers, aside from having your game available on launch day, having your game available in the store on March 28 will also make you eligible for a promotion. It seems OUYA is going to be sponsoring some documentaries and will be included several of the top apps. Just having your game available at launch should be incentive enough, however the possibility of extra (free) promotion should also help to light that fire and get you moving on the submission process.

All said and done, the March 28 OUYA shipments are first heading to those who backed the console on Kickstarter. Those who pre-ordered from the OUYA website will see a delivery after the Kickstarter backers have been taken care of and then a retail launch is set for June. Finally, for those waiting a console delivery, you may want to check out our OUYA Starter Guide while you wait.

[via OUYA Blog]