Some good news has arrived for those who backed the OUYA game console on Kickstarter, a shipping date has been set. Granted, it would have been much nicer to say those were beginning now, but lets focus on the positive — a date has been set. The folks at OUYA have announced that the Kickstarter shipments will begin in just about a months time, on March 28. In addition to that date, they have also been talking games.

Sticking to the talk of shipments. Aside from the March 28 date, not much else new in this respect. OUYA has said that the “parts are in the factory and assembly lines are buzzing” and also noted that they will “gradually ramp up production” as they make sure things are working. It was also (once again) mentioned that the OUYA will have the full launch in June when the console makes its way into retail stores.

Moving over to the games and we have talk of a brand new and exclusive title. Specifics have yet to be given here, however this is coming by way of Kim Swift (of Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Quantum Conundrum fame). In this case, it was said that the game will “appeal to core gamers in terms of skill and difficulty” and that it will have a “completely unexpected, imaginative slant that’s totally at home on this console.”

Otherwise, Minority Media will have an “adventure puzzler” that will make use of the touchpad and buttons, Tripwire Interactive is going to be releasing The Ball in March along with a new exclusive title at a later date and nWay will be releasing ChronoBlade. With that, those with a console coming will likely want to check out our OUYA Starter Guide.

[via OUYA]