We still have our eyes and ears on the OnePlus 5. Besides being an obvious copycat of another smartphone, this one quickly became the talk of gadget town for its alleged cheating on benchmarks to get high scores. We saw it get charged faster compared to the Galaxy S8 and how it passed Zack Nelson’s Durability Test. Even before the device was officially unveiled, we’ve seen unboxing photos including that wooden phone case.

Apparently, the wooden OnePlus 5 case is just one as you can choose to buy this one from Otterbox–a name synonymous with protection. We’ve featured dozens of protective phone cases from the brand already since 2013. Almost every premium flagship phone introduced by different OEMs, Otterbox would release such cases for them. The OnePlus 5 is no different as the phone gets an Otterbox Case.

You can choose between the Black or Red color variant. This case promises robust dual-layer protection. It comes with a hard shell on the outside and a silicone layer inside for security and protection. It’s a rugged case that boasts a streamlined design that people will find stylish and ergonomic.

The Otterbox Case for OnePlus 5 costs only $29.95. It is listed as out of stock on the company website but it has yet to be available in the market.