We’re here in Vegas for CTIA 2013, where the latest and greatest in mobile devices and accessories are shown off to the masses. Things officially get kicked off tomorrow but here at ShowStoppers tonight we ran into Otterbox and quickly got a glance at their new cases for the GALAXY S 4. With it being the hottest new phone, and everyone loving Otterbox we figured a few pictures were in order.

If you’re familiar with Otterbox, their Defender and Commuter cases are their two biggest sellers, for any device. The Defender is always their massive bulky case, built to handle and defend against nearly any situation. Then their commuter is always priced a little lower, well built, and still extremely durable. Well we have both below.

With newer sleek phones like the GALAXY S 4, Otterbox has been able to really improve their designs. This time around the Defender, which is usually extremely bulky, is quite thin given it protects both the front and the back, and even has a built-in screen protector. Below is both models with the Commuter in blue, and Defender in Purple.


As usual both cases are using a two piece or more design, with a bumper of silicon on either the outside edge (Defender) or the inside (Commuter) to really protect against shock and drops, with the harder polycarbonate around the device for those other impacts. They aren’t the best looking cases around, but they’ll protect that shiny new GALAXY S 4 and its 5-inch 1080p display.

Both of these cases have recently went up for sale from Otterbox, especially since the GS4 is available today from all carriers but Verizon. You can get the Commuter for $34.95, and as usual the Defender comes in a bit more at $49. They come in about 10 different colors to suite any personal style. Check out the pictures below.