The foldable phone arena isn’t open yet but it’s about to receive our full attention once the top OEMs start rolling out what they’ve been working on. We know a few brands that have related designs including Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG, ZTE, Oppo, and even Lenovo. We earlier mentioned a Lenovo-Motorola partnership but today, we’re seeing this demo of what is said to be a Lenovo foldable phone. The device is truly foldable with a full bezel screen and small body ratio.

Lenovo has shown off something similar before. Remember that foldable folio tablet prototype? The device wasn’t final yet but we imagined the possibility of a foldable device. The final result of the development could be this new Lenovo foldable smartphone.

Last year’s prototype was for a foldable tablet but we’re assuming the same technology and process were implemented on the phone. Watch the video below and see that it actually works:

The foldable phone is working. We can see Android running on the home screen. Apps respond when you click on them so you know Lenovo has achieved a major feat.

It wasn’t Lenovo that posted the hands-on video but we can see the brand logo. The phone is shaped more like a remote control. It’s long and sleek and we only see three columns of icons and not the usual four or five.