We won’t stop discussing the foldable phone category until Samsung makes an official unveiling of the Galaxy X. Right now, we’re not sure if it will be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F but it doesn’t really matter. We’re happy to know the Samsung Infinity Flex Display is real and it’s ready to be implemented on a product. A rendered video was shared yesterday, giving us another glimpse of what could be the Samsung foldable phone. Now we’ve got information the phone could have a double fold. This is just another speculation so we’re taking everything with a grain of salt.

Recently published on the USPTO, the patent application shows a double fold design. It is said to be an old application, about two years old, but it only reached the USPTO database this week.

The double fold design means the fold can be done twice, not just once. It looks thicker than usual but it may be cool to have something small that may be stretched out into a bigger display.

The three-fold display can be a possibility especially now there is a working flexible screen from the South Korean tech giant. When folded, the phone is thicker. We still see a USB Type-C port, speaker, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Samsung is believed to be working on multiple designs that will take advantage of the Infinity Flex Display. Expect to see new and interesting foldable devices next year. They may not go into production but prototypes are always interesting.

VIA: Mobielkopen


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