The year 2019 will be crazier and busier as OEMs will be unveiling their foldable phones. We’re looking at Samsung and Huawei to go head-to-head once again. The two have been close rivals especially since the top Chinese brand has overtaken Apple in the global market. That is an impressive feat since Huawei hasn’t even fully captured the US market. We’ll see next year when the two have finally rolled out each of their foldable phones. Samsung has already given the public a glimpse of the Infinity Flex Display so we’re certain a foldable phone will be introduced.

As for Huawei, we’ve been looking forward to that idea it will announce a foldable device ahead of Samsung. We’re now in the 4th quarter but there is still hope–six more weeks before year-end.

We’ve got some details about the Huawei foldable phone although we’re not saying everything is final. The next Huawei phone may have a large 8-inch flexible screen to be manufactured by BOE.

Samsung is said to use a 7.3-inch foldable display so Huawei’s is significantly larger. Meanwhile, Huawei is believed to have already presented the phone to Korean mobile carriers. It could be a prototype by sources say it’s not.

The foldable phone from Huawei may be released first in South Korea and not China because most carriers in Korea already support 5G.

We’re expecting a Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) launch and a Spring or Summer market release.



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