The OnePlus 6 is still a favorite topic these days. Not all reports are favorable but we’re looking forward to every new information as such helps us in deciding whether to really recommend upgrading to it and actually getting one. Just yesterday, we told you about the absence of the Always On Display feature that’s making some users unhappy. IFixit’s teardown has revealed a premium design for premium repair fees. An update was already made known and which will roll out soon to hide the notch.

OnePlus 6 pre-order have started. At this point, many of you may have agreed about what you’re getting from the OnePlus 6. The Chinese OEM’s 2018 flagship stands out from other phones in many different ways such as the price, Alert Slider, faster charging, and the speed. There are more than six reasons why you should buy one and hopefully, you’ve already made up your mind. If not, why not read on further reviews and watch some related videos?

Aside from the OnePlus 6 Durability Test, Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything has managed to do a teardown of the device.

The phone is cleared when it comes to durability but let’s see how it’s been prepared. Looking at the inside of the device is important as it tells us how well or how careless an phone maker designed and manufactured the smartphone. The OnePlus 6 is a potential flagship killer because of its water-resistance despite the non-existence of an official IP rating.

It’s true. The OnePlus 6 isn’t officially rated for water-resistance but it is being marketed as such. We don’t doubt this description and we believe it’s ready for rain. It may be able to resist some water but we don’t know how exactly.

Zack Nelson has tried to pry open the OnePlus 6. At this point, Zack already has the Clear Edition. He’s using it to check how waterproof the phone really is.

While the clear OnePlus 6 is being made, Zack noted there is plenty of adhesives all around. The glass back is a bit challenging to remove because of the effective sealing that protects against water seeping inside the unit.

Once the glass back is removed, it’s easy to unclip the fingerprint scanner from the motherboard using a red pry tool. OnePlus once again uses a red battery. It should be easy to remove. The motherboard is set in place by nine screws. Opening it further reveals the NFC coil.

Checking around the other components clipped here and there, we see screws holding some parts or rubber rings around the SIM card tray and other openings.

Most parts show Lego style connectors so they are also easy to remove. You won’t see any heat pipe or a thermal paste so we suggest you always check if the phone gets hot.

We find it interesting the microphone hole is protected by a water-resistant mesh that keeps the water out. A similar mesh covers the speaker grille so water stays out.

Every hole appears to be covered by some mesh or rubber ring so we know the OnePlus 6 phone won’t be damaged easily. A white box indicator is available inside which tells if water has gotten inside.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything