OnePlus is on a roll this week. After launching the OnePlus 3 yesterday, the company has been receiving early reviews, predictions, and criticisms about its new premium flagship phone. On our part, we’ve already compared it with other flagship phones, looked into its display screen, and specs. We also noted that it won’t work with Verizon, only T-Mobile and AT&T in the US.

What we’re most curious about is the Optic AMOLED display. We know AMOLED but what’s Optic AMOLED? Good thing a OnePlus executive managed to hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. “OnePlus: Carl, co-founder” on Reddit answered questions by other redditors. We’re assuming that is Carl Pei himself answering the questions of fans and potential OnePlus 3 buyers.

In one thread, numerous questions were asked about the new OnePlus flagship phone. When asked what is optic AMOLED screen and how is it different from the normal AMOLED tech, Carl answered that it is a “custom version of Super AMOLED”. What OnePlus did was to tweak the color temperature and contrast for a more life-like display quality.

We noted earlier that the OnePlus 3’s display is bright enough even under bright lights and outdoors in broad daylight. It’s been designed for that purpose even if resolution is only 1080p while the other flagships already have 2K displays. It appears that Full HD is enough for OnePlus because it’s not really noticeable. Even if the OnePlus 3 comes with a VR headset, there’s no urgent need to make the display better since people our outside VR 95% of the time according to Carl.

Carl was also asked why the battery was only 3000mAh when the previous models had 3100mAh and 3200mAh already (OnePlus One, OnePlus 2). The company exec simply said that 3000mAh is enough to get a mobile user through the day and the Dash Charge and car charge can be useful. That makes sense actually. Using a smaller battery has probably kept the price down and fast-charging really is handy.

When asked about the lack of memory card, the exec just said it can slow down the device and such will make the phone bulkier. The 64GB onboard storage is enough according to Carl but we all know that’s not really true for heavy mobile users. Carl said it’s enough for the majority of OnePlus users.

We’re not convinced of the answers but at least OnePlus did a great job in doing the AMA. We hope other companies would be like OnePlus in being open to questions and ridicules.

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SOURCE: Reddit