NVIDIA has confirmed the launch date for the SHIELD. And perhaps coming as a better news, the system will also be priced a bit lower than originally announced. With that being said, the NVIDIA SHIELD will begin shipping on June 27 and the new price will be $299.

This means a $50 price drop from what we originally saw, however most important here — the $299 price point will be for all SHIELD purchases. In other words, those who pre-ordered a system will only be charged the $299 price point. NVIDIA has said your cards will be charged when your device ships next week. For those keeping track, the original price was $349.

The reasoning here seems simple, and is actually a bit refreshing. NVIDIA has said they lowered the price due to comments from “thousands of gamers.” Regardless of the reason though, this announcement means you have just about a week left until shipments begin.

Otherwise, while we suspect a fair amount have already pre-ordered — there are probably a few that had been waiting given the original price tag. With that in mind, we have spent some hands-on time with the SHIELD and you can see a bit more in depth coverage on the Android gaming and PC gaming sides from our earlier posts.

In addition to our hands-on coverage of the SHIELD itself, NVIDIA recently offered a behind-the-scenes look and some accessories have been announced by Nyko. The Nyko goodies include some cases and cables as well as a docking station. And similar to our time with the system itself, we have also spent some time with the Nyko accessories.