After hearing that the popular gaming and accessories company Nyko was working on some NVIDIA SHIELD accessories this morning, we ran down to the E3 halls to get our hands-on some ourselves. Not only do they have a pretty neat SHIELD dock that will make it operate like the OUYA, but some nice cases too. Check em out after the break along side a production-ready SHIELD game-console.

For those that aren’t too familiar with NVIDIA’s SHIELD, you should be. This Tegra 4 powered game-console all fits inside a rather decent sized game controller with a built-in 5-inch HD display. All running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. More details can be found at our NVIDIA SHIELD portal.

The folks from Tyko will be ofering both a protective Shell Case for SHIELD, as well as the usual lightweight Travel Case, and we have a few pictures of both for those SHIELDERS. These are made to fit extremely snug, as to not waste space, and will allow you to protect and carry your SHIELD console around with ease. Even when tight for space in a backpack.


Then as you can see above, the SHIELD Shell Case is a bit more durable. This case works with rubberized interior, ready to take on far more “total protection” sort of action. So whether you’re a little more rough than most and want extra protection, or want to secure that expensive device while handing it over to your kids. Nyko has both situations covered.

Both of these cases are “custom fitted to the exact specifications of the device” according to Nyko. Which means you won’t have extra room for the SHIELD to slide around, thus not offering as much protection. They’ll also ship with a dedicated detachable accessory bag for the micro-USB charger cable, or even that mini-HDMI out so you can game on the big screen like a boss. The included carabiner so you can attach it to a backpack is a nice touch too.

Once the SHIELD starts shipping later this month, you’ll want to grab a few Nyko accessories and carry cases real fast.