The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be dead but we’ve been saying it will have a comeback anytime soon. The Note 7 fiasco has painted a negative picture for the South Korean tech giant but the company is determined to give life to it once again after some drastic changes. We already said Samsung would be recycling and refurbishing the phone with lower capacity battery. There will still be a Note 8 but before it’s out, expect to see the Note 7 but definitely not in the United States.

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 refurbished with 3200mAh battery was sighted in Vietnam two weeks ago and now it’s been sighted on the Wi-Fi Alliance. The Note 7 phone isn’t listed exactly but only a reference to SM-N930F which we previously said is the Galaxy Note 7. The device is listed powered by Android 7.0 Nougat. Date of last certification is today, April 24, 2017, so this information is still very fresh.

This Samsung device has just received its newest Wi-Fi certification which could also mean it’s about to be re-announced soon. We know it won’t be out in the US or Europe but the old SM-N930F is actually the European variant. Maybe Samsung is still exploring the possibility of releasing the Note in the region or perhaps it’s just diverting the supply to other regions.

Nothing is definitely yet so we’ll wait for further development.

VIA: Galaxy Club


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