Android app Notifyier

Notification apps are dime a dozen already on Google Play Store. Perhaps people are becoming lazier than ever or they just want more convenience. Whatever the case is, no doubt that such apps are very useful. We’ve featured a few already: AcDisplay version 3.0, Pushbullet, C Notice, Notif Widget, HeadsUp, and LED Blinker Notifications among others. It may be a challenge to choose from the apps available but perhaps this new one will make a big difference.

The Notifyier app brings notifications by simply speaking them out for you. Instead of picking up your mobile device to read the notification that just came in, you can hear it if you want. So when you are out for a run, driving a car, at your office, doing household chores, at your office, or riding a bike, you’ll still be in the know because the Notifyier app will speak the notification to you. This is only the first version so expect to see a few bugs and errors.

Features of the app include: speak caller information, options to enable or disable notifyier, enable/disable any app installed on your phone, dismiss notificiation reader by waving or hovering hand over device, set notifyier to work only when headphone is in use, set do-not-distub during media playback, and option to notify when phone is in vibrate or silent mode.

App can notify user of the following: caller info, media playback, silent mode, music tracks, selected apps, and more. App can be controlled from the system settings to enable Notification Access.

Download Notifyier from the Google Play Store