Notif Widget

Notifications should be plain and simple but there’s no stopping developers from improving on them. Why should notifications be boring when you can have fun with them? This NotifWidget is a new app that let’s you interact with notifications right on the lock screen, DayDream screen saver, or home screen. This is pretty much like the Notify! app we featured a few months ago.

The NotifWidget app allows you to customize the colors, clock sizes, background colors, and filter notifications. The app also provides full control of all media players and actions to you can use them directly within the app. The main feature of the NotfiWidget is to allow the user to create many widgets as needed. You can make one for your lock screen, for DayDream, or on your home screen–so you can access your notifications from any app.

To create a lock screen widget, go to System Settings>Security>Check Enable Widgets. Turn screen off then turn on. Swipe the left of your lock screen and touch the + icon you see. Choose the app as your primary one to replace the default clock setting.

The app was earlier released but the developer recently posted an update to include new settings button on the widget, fix some bugs, and the clear all button added without the clock.


Download NotifWidget from the Google Play Store