The OPPO Reno is slowly making waves in the mobile industry mainly because of its 10x Zoom feature and a new selfie cam design. The special edition smartphone from one of the most popular Chinese OEMs today has set a standard in zoom technology. It’s no wonder companies have started working on a more advanced zoom for future phones. The new OPPO phone will also use technology from a different brand. The Nokia OZO Audio is expected to be used by OPPO in the hopes that audio experience will be enhanced for the consumers.

OPPO’s newest Reno phone may also be known for its shark-fin style selfie camera but it can also make an impression with the excellent audio quality. Nokia enters the picture with the OZO Audio technology that features OZO Audio Capture, Audio Focus, Audio Windscreen, OZO Playback, and OZO Audio Edit.

The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition phone will be equipped with Nokia’s OZO Audio. Audiophiles may easily recognize the difference but we don’t doubt you can recognize how OZO audio is better than the standard audio recording.

Watch the video below:

A target audio capture will be present. The idea is you listen to sound from just one source even if other sources or noises are available. Everything sounds too good to be true but yes, audio sounds really good according to Nokia.

OPPO will be benefitting from the Nokia OZO audio tech with the added depth and enhanced quality. Not many people may care much about this on a smartphone but we know many tech enthusiasts and music lovers will appreciate the technology.

OPPO as a company may share the technology with its sub-brands like OnePlus, Realme, Vivo, and imoo. Don’t be surprised if future phones from those names are laden with premium audio technology even at such low prices. We can also expect other companies will consider the Nokia OZO.