There’s going to be a new player in the Chinese mobile industry as the owner of OnePlus is setting up a new brand. It’s a new OEM that will join the likes of Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus in the business. In case you didn’t know, all brands mentioned are owned by BBK Electronics. That makes those three siblings and looks like they will have another one in the form of ‘imoo’.

BBK, the electronics company started with NES clones and moved to smartphone brands. It has been a big part of the consumer electronics industry in China and it just started recently to create more educational products. With the new brand imoo, the group aims to produce a reliable educational smartphone. It will probably the first in the world to be developed by a Chinese company.

Not much details have been discussed. No specifics yet but we’re guessing the first product will be a sleek, golden phone based on the teaser image. We don’t know if that is a record button we see because it’s red but for sure, it will have a dedicated function.

We’re also guessing the special smartphone will be for the students, teachers, and other educators. We’re not quite sure how a phone can still be more “educational” than it already is but we’re hoping it won’t be used for cheating.