Paranoid Android isn’t there to make you paranoid. It’s a custom ROM that aims to improve any available system with Android. It’s an old trick that devs have been tinkering on since 2013. We’ve seen and tried numerous builds already including unofficial ones, for Nexus phones, and Marshmallow among others. Just recently, we mentioned the Nextbit Robin would be supported as the OnePlus 3 version rolled out.

True enough, the build for the Nextbit Robin is now available. The open source project is expected to add more features to the current ROM and improve on the device. This is somewhat similar to what OnePlus 3 received last week. The developers added custom routines to optimize performance on kryo devices and switch to the last app button action. That changelog lists several improvements on battery life, system wide performance, and the Camera app. Fixes are ready for those encryption issues and the Quick Settings.

This Paranoid Android build is expected by most OEMs and people within the Android community because they make the phones better than ever. Paranoid Android’s recent relaunch for this year may be slow, releasing only three updates so far but it’s still good news.

Next in line are Nougat builds. We don’t know what device will receive Paranoid Android for Nougat but we’re already excited about it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Get all the builds available from HERE.

VIA: Paranoid Android