If you don’t know what Paranoid Android was, you must be relatively new to Android. Paranoid Android was one of the most consistent group of developers of custom and aftermarket ROMs in its time, coming out with one of the most popular custom ROM names there ever was. And for good reason, too – their ROMs were polished and had many useful and innovative additional features that Android users loved. That is until their hiatus and breakup around a year ago. The reason we’re excited today? They’re back.

It isn’t everyday one of the most popular custom ROM names and teams get resurrected from the grave, so we’re kinda stoked to know that Paranoid Android is back. As their announcement says, it’s a whole new ballgame with a new team of developers, and they’re putting out great quality ROMs with new features. As of the moment, they’re focusing on Marshmallow ROMS for the Nexus line of devices (6P, 5X, 6, 5, 4, 7 2013, 9) and the OnePlus family (One, X, 2).

One of the new features AOSPA’s ROMs will be bringing is the customizable Quick Settings tiles. Users can reorder the tiles by simply long pressing on a specific one they want to move, remove them by dropping them in the trash bin. The Add panel allows you to add more tiles. There’s also support for floating windows, immersive mode, and CyanogenMod’s Theme Engine.

If you want to download, their ROMs, check out the official download page for Paranoid Android. There is also support for several Sony devices, so you might want to check if your device has a Marshmallow ROM for it.

SOURCE: Paranoid Android