The Pixel Launcher is getting an important update. It’s no secret that Google has been working on it but we have little information about it. We just know more phones are getting the launcher officially and that the Android O Pixel Launcher is already available for 6.0.1+ devices. You can find the Pixel Launcher on the Play Store as the newly renamed Nexus Launcher.

Over at the Google I/O 2017, the search giant slipped by showing off the Pixel Launcher installed on smartphone being shown off. The new version is still unofficial but the Pixel Launcher is loaded with new features and changes. The Google Search UI is different now too. You can see the semi-transparent gray bar that looks very much different from the solid white design before.

The Pixel Launcher brings the bar below the dock app icons. Search function has been expanded as you can now check the Play Store for apps and games and see if they are already installed. You can also check for related apps that you can install. We’re assuming you can also check for Android Instant Apps now.

There’s no word when the updated Pixel Launcher will be ready for the general public but we know it will be announced soo.