For those about to download the Android O Developer Preview, you may be glad to know that you can also soon try the new Pixel Launcher. We’re not rushing you to test it out though because it’s only an APK. The one who posted the news on XDA warned that you have to remove previous versions first before you can install it. This one requires your careful attention. It’s something you do AT YOUR OWN RISK as we would always say.

If you place the Pixel Launcher as a system app, Google Now is enabled in the left panel. Note that this is simply a “quick backport” to the latest version of the Pixel Launcher for the newest dev preview which you can load on your Marshmallow or Nougat phone.

Don’t worry if you see the app needing to generate a file. The reflection.engine file is usually generated the first time the app is launched. The Pixel Launcher usually requires this. App may exit forcefully but it’s okay. Wait for at least a minute to open the app again.

This Android O Pixel Launcher is mainly for Android 6.0.1+ devices. We will all soon be able to run this on future Android O phones but for now, we’re tasked to try and give feedback as to how to properly installd and run the Pixel Launcher.

Download from HERE.