Man when it comes to Verizon and in this case Motorola promoting their DROID-branded line of devices, they really pull out all the stops, wouldn’t you say? What we’re looking at here today is a brilliant animated piece with robot parts and bright red flashing lights all over the place, electronic arms grasping for orbs as you click on what will eventually be the full collection of confirmed official Droid BIONIC key specs. Now if only the actual BIONIC would be able to sprout arms and legs and a big red eye like this promo does.

Just this morning we found that the BIONIC had already been rooted before it’s been released to the public, yesterday we got a taste of the user guide and a price point: $589 off-contract, and today we get to see a lovely bit of promotional material on the Droid BIONIC Facebook page. You’ll be tapping into new features “on a rolling basis” we’re told, all the way leading up to the September 8th release date without a doubt.

Meanwhile you can also check out several other Droid BIONIC promotional situations, first at and DroidLanding, then with the ARena Augmented Reality App with which you’ll be able to win yourself a BIONIC with your running and your pointing! Furthermore, you can take an early look at the laptop dock and the rest of the accessories for the BIONIC now as well. Check em out!