It is that time again everyone. The and @DroidLanding sites have both been initiated for the Motorola DROID Bionic. This go around Verizon will be having what appears to be a scavenger hunt for the Droid Bionic. What they are calling this is ARena. It will be a Augmented Reality scavenger hunt and they will be giving away tons of Droid Bionic phones to lucky winners as usual.

A new DROID is on the way, and as we all know it is the DROID Bionic. Verizon and DroidDoes is at it again with another huge event taking off today. We will all be running around town on a scavenger hunt from what we are seeing. Get ready to take your laptop and android smartphone and run all over town using an augmented reality application to find your own Droid Bionic.

[vms b776a094786474322cb8]

It appears the and @DroidLanding hunt will go until September 7th, leading us right up to the much rumored September 8th launch date. This has all been happening this morning so we will continue to dig for more details and video and will report back with further findings. Get ready for the DROID Hunt!

48 seconds into the video they flash a pretty brunette and a 00:02 on the screen. Any guess on what this is guys?