In more Bionic news, Verizon stores are now starting to receive all sorts of different accessories for the much anticipated device. Today we are seeing a few leaked photos of the new Motorola Droid Bionic Webtop dock and more hit Verizon stores, making that September 8th launch feel even more legit.

Shown above is the Bionic Webtop dock accessory making your Bionic basically the brain of a computer with a keyboard and dedicated battery. We’ve seen this before with the Atrix but now we are seeing it in stores with “Bionic” attached we are starting to get excited. Sadly no pricing has been revealed at this time, but if the low sales of the Atrix webtop showed us anything it’s that they should probably price it a bit lower.

We recently saw the Bionic appear on video and even received the official teaser trailer commercial too. Everything is lining up nicely for that September 8th release date we’ve been hearing for a while now. If you plan to buy any accessories with the new Droid Bionic make sure to check out the deal Costco will be having at launch. Will you be buying one?

[via TheDroidGuy]