Uh oh, I don’t know about you guys but I still feel this is way to expensive if it turns out to be accurate. Sources are now coming forward claiming the Motorola Droid Bionic laptop webdock will be priced at $299.97 come launch. I feel this is a bit expensive especially when the phone will also be priced at $299. When the Atrix Dock was announced at $499 and even discounted to $350 bundled with the phone it was still too high and users were hoping for something better this time around.

While $299 is a lot cheaper and much better than the $500 price tag the first dock was going for, I’m sure users were hoping for a little more than a $50 dollar break. There is the possibility the Bionic laptop dock will be $299 at launch but be offered at a lower price while bundled with the Bionic just like the Atrix, but we wont know until the launch date approaches or more details leak.

Earlier today we reported that these laptop docks are already arriving in Verizon stores but that no price or date had been given, if these new details are to be believed we can expect to see a $299 price tag come September 8th. We are reaching out for more details and will update with any further news on pricing and availability.

[via TheDroidGuy]