Behold the newest version of Motorola’s dual-core effort, this diamond-shaped device known as the PHOTON 4G, all in caps, just like that! This device is set to be working in a very similar fashion to the already released ATRIX 4G, aka one of the first dual-core Android handsets on the market, having the same (yet updated) webtop experience, a couple of docks, and a lovely NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor for the sweetest gaming experience. Have a look at the official promotional video now then page through our heavy hands-on collection next!

First let’s take a look at this device commercial that you’ll more than likely be seeing on your television (if you still watch television, that is,) or youtube soon. This commercial flips the phone around in true device commercial fashion and generally makes it look rather impressive with no drawbacks whatsoever. Pay close attention to that kickstand as it’ll be a central part of yours truly’s review of the device without a doubt. Keep in mind that we’ll be talking about how there’s only one way to keep the device aloft (as compared to the ThunderBolt’s solid two.)

Next lets have a look through the hands-on and announcement items we’ve got going already here at Android Community. First lets have a look WAY back to May 25th where we first heard the name PHOTON 4G as a possible Motorola phone coming out right around… now. How about that? Next let’s look at the initial announcement post in which we give all the details and let you know what you’ll be dealing with.

After that it’s all hands-on and joy. Starting with the first full hands-on experience with the device itself, going on into some more hands-on with the docks and webtop, then rounding the experience out with a bit of the ol’ Riptide GP played over HDMI in an impressive display. We’v also got news that the PHOTON 4G first appeared to have a completely unlocked bootloader then was later confirmed to instead have a locked bootloader indeed. Exciting stuff!