Stop the presses and whatever woodworking project you’re on. The wood back cover for the Moto X is about to arrive. Or at least, that is what Motorola seems to be teasing over at its Google+ page.

The wood back cover option for the Moto X has had a long history, one that has been, so far, filled with nothing but longing and disappointment. As far back as July, even before the Moto X was unveiled, rumors of a wooden option surfaced. And, indeed, some sleuthing on the Moto Maker customization site revealed placeholders and prices for a few of those options. Unfortunately, to this date, none of those materials have materialized.

Hope was rekindled when Moto Maker was set to launch for a broader audience outside the initial AT&T customers along with the return of the engraving customization option. That has come to pass, however, and the fancy wooden covers were once again said to be delayed even beyond Thanksgiving. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside did leave a bit of hope that the wood cover option is a real thing and that it would be coming soon.

Motorola’s teaser does seem to hint that it is coming really soon now. How soon that is, no one still knows for sure, but there is some chance that it could arrive in time for the holidays. It could make the perfect Christmas purchase or gift, that is, if you haven’t given up on waiting and just bought the Moto X already.